Divorce and Family Law

Jack Leverenz graduated from Ankeny High School in 1998 and the University of Iowa in 2002.  He spent several years in the workforce before returning to Drake University Law School.  Upon receiving his juris doctorate degree, Jack transitioned his law clerk position at Carmoney Law Firm, PLLC to that of a full-time associate attorney.

Married in 2008, with two wonderful children born in 2011 and 2014, Jack understands family life and the potential consequences the ending of a marriage can have, on both the parents and children.  He also understands the importance of spending time with one’s children.  This is why Jack values listening to his clients, wanting to understand all their needs and issues as they progress through one of the most difficult things a person can face in their life, divorce.

Caring Legal Guidance

There is a multitude of issues individuals face when involved in a dissolution of marriage proceeding, most commonly known as a divorce. Samples of just a few issues that must be faced are child custody, child support, spousal support, and property division.  These are important issues that are often disputed, and Jack can help professionally guide his clients through them, as well as the other many issues individuals face in a divorce proceeding.

Reasonable Fees

Jack offers a highly competitive biling rate, a reasonable retainer fee, and a free initial consultation to ensure that he and any potential client are a good fit.  Sometimes, clients and attorneys just don’t match, despite whatever experience and skill an attorney may have.  This is why Jack feels it is so important to meet with potential clients and discuss their family law issues, without that person’s fear of tallying up a bill with an attorney whose services the potential client ultimately declines to use.  Helping resolve your family law problems at a reasonable cost to your family–that’s what we do.