Insurance Fraud Investigation

With the tightening of the economy, it is perhaps not surprising that various types of insurance fraud are on the rise.  Accordingly, the mission of the claims professionals assigned to special investigation units within insurance companies has become more important than ever.

Identifying fraudulent claims in a responsible and ethical manner sometimes involves seeking the involvement and advice of outside counsel.  Our law firm can assist in evaluating the documentation gathered by the front line claims unit and the special investigator, and—when appropriate—taking an examination under oath in a manner which is effective and thorough, yet respectful to the rights of the policyholder.  After all the pertinent information is gathered and evaluated, we will provide the insurance carrier with an objective and fair-minded legal opinion which incorporates careful application of the law to the facts of the claim.

Handling examinations under oath is one of our key practice areas.  Since its inception, the Carmoney Law Firm has handled a continuous flow of potential fraud investigation files for its insurance clients.  We are very familiar with the challenges faced by SIU investigators in today’s claims climate, and we understand their need for solid legal advice that is delivered in a timely and cost-effective manner.

The Carmoney Law Firm is a supporting partner member of the Iowa/Nebraska Chapter of the International Association of Special Investigation Units.